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SAWAHLUNTO – Sawahlunto Government helps teachers who participate in the selection to become Government Employees with Work Agreements (P3K) by providing free Rapid Test Antigen facilities. With these facilities, is the efforts of the Sawahlunto Government in encouraging participants more effectively and efficiently to follow the selection.
Regional Secretary of Sawahlunto City, Dr.dr. Ambun Kadri, who directly reviewed the implementation of first aid selection for the teacher, on Wednesday, September 15, 2021 at Sma Negeri 1 Sawahlunto said through the requirements participants must be tested rapid antigen so that there is no spread of Covid-19 during the selection process.
“The implementation of the selection now is from 13 to 17 September 2021, with 164 participants. This is with the implementation of selections such as CPNS, computer-based. So that today also finished the exam later, participants can already know the results of graduation,” said Regional Secretary of Sawahlunto City, Dr.dr. Ambun Kadri.
The current selection, delivered by Dr.dr. Ambun Kadri, is the first stage selection. If the participant has not passed in this first stage, can return to take the test in the second stage in October or in the third stage in December.
“If for the selection of non-teacher first aid workers, it is quite a lot also our Non-Permanent Employees (PTT) who at this year’s first aid selection was not available formation, we ask for patience first. Because in 2022 we will also reopen this first aid selection, we are asking all Regional Device Organizations (OPD) to inventory all formation needs according to the rules. This is what later our efforts in accommodating PTT we can follow the selection to be first aid. That is, stay calm because the opportunity of father / mother to become first aid is still there,” said Regional Secretary, Dr.dr. Ambun Kadri.
In the implementation of the teacher’s first aid selection, it was reported by the Head of The Sawahlunto City Education Office, Asril, that in 1 selection session can only be followed by as many as 21 people. The implementation of the teacher first aid selection was carried out by the West Sumatra Provincial Education Office in collaboration with the City / Regency Education Office with budgeting costs from the Provincial Education Office DPA.
“One day we held two sessions. Implementation with computer systems, in the room we apply health protocols, especially 3 M,” said Asril.
As for the rapid antigen test facility, the Sawahlunto Government is provided at BDTBT located on the Durian River, in collaboration with the Health Office. Rapid test is carried out the day before the participant undergoes selection.


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